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Floritec likes to develop and market varieties that are quick and easy to grow and be accompanied by lower costs for energy and pesticides. For the grower this brings a crop with significant savings on production costs.

Floritec wants to help growers with the increasing demand for sustainable products and anticipate consumer trends and market developments. We want  to provide optimal service to our customers with whom we regularly are in contact and which we accompany intensively during cultivation.


Floritec – sustainable and innovative in flowers and plants

Floritec Breeding is an innovative company in the breeding of chrysanthemums, pot celosia and pot asters.

Floritec Trading sells cuttings from their production farm in Uganda.

floritec bloeiproefGrowth of the company

The refining and marketing of new flowers and plants requires many efforts. The breeding division and customer service as well as our marketing section of Floritec are quickly expanding. In April 2016 Floritec has therefore moved to a new premises,  suitable for the various activities of Floritec. In addition to office, meeting and working space the facilities contain a professional vase life testing area. Here, the flowers and plants are tested in accordance to industrial shelf-life standards for the total product chain. We also installed a cold store and we have a studio for making professional pictures.

Floritec is shareholder of Xclusive Chrysanthemum Ltd in Uganda, our production company for cuttings to Europe and Africa. 
This company is leading in the business. The only company in Africa with production in 100% renewable substrate. 

Sustainable and innovative
For flower and plant growers, it is increasingly important to grow with less energy and pesticide products. Floritec has trial sites around the world where they can test its newest varieties under extreme conditions. So Floritec can satisfy the desire for a more sustainable cultivation.

Floritec is a company that is active worldwide in approximately 30 countries and cooperates closely with partner companies and growers. So Floritec is able to meet the wishes of consumers in different parts of the world and come up with innovative varieties.