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Joining forces leads to a wider range of chrysanthemums

Joining forces leads to a wider range of chrysanthemums

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The chrysanthemum breeders Floritec, Inochio Seikoen, Fleurations and Icon Selections are going to collaborate and have signed an agreement for this.

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Maverick Sunny

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This new yellow green centered santini pompon variety is coming to the market in week 52 Maverick Sunny is available under VBN code 122238. In Holland santini grower Richard van Schie B.V. is producing Maverick Sunny in volume of about 10.000 stems per week. As Maverick Sunny is a real winner in this segment it is already clear now is that coming Spring availability will grow to 35.000 stems per week. Understandable, as Maverick Sunny proves to be excellent in vase life and both leafs as well as the flower itself remain of high quality till the end of the chain which means real value for money. A true winner in its kind.




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Floritec’s brand new purple-white bicolor spraymum will be introduced at the Dutch market week 51 by G&G Flowers.                             

The variety has a yearround stable colour with a nice subtile white tip and has a very green center that lasts long. Hardwell is yearround available under VBN code 124183. It has high quality leafs, produces heavy stems and has a very good vase life.  Volume will be around 15.000  stems a week as a start but volumes will grow in the course of 2020.




Season Greetings

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The complete Floritec team wishes you all a very happy Christmas! Also we hope that the new year will bring you joy, health and plenty of sound business. Our true thanks for your goodwill and loyalty throughout the past year and we look forward to continuing our business together in 2020.