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Study Trip Uganda Oeganda with Floritec

Studiereis Oeganda met Floritec

Various chrysanthemum growers have had a beautiful, educational study trip to Uganda with Floritec last week.

HB IMG 20180112 WA0002

The purpose of the trip was to exchange knowledge between the chrysanthemum growers, the management and the local employees of Floritec's production location Xclusive Cuttings.

The first days were spent on a visit to the farm and other companies in the region.

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HB IMG 20180112 WA0004 2
The last few days there was time to exchange ideas with the management and employees of Xclusive about the chrysanthemum and mother plant cultivation.
Interesting discussions started.

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In addition, there was still time during the weekend to spot various wild animals. Everyone liked this opportunity.

LvdZ giraf


New santini colours 2018

The new santini colours for 2018: ELLISON White, Splendid and Sunny.

The whole ELLISON family contains 6 colours. ELLISON has a excellent vaselife, is very strong during transport.  The strong flowercolour remains during a lifecycle.

Available at nursery De Landscheiding

Verfkwast Ellison

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Newsletter December

Newsletter Floritec December 2017 GB

Truck with ELLISON santini

Foto vrachtwagen bestickering def. versie LRThe truck of Japal Trans is stickered with Ellison santini.

All 6 colors of the new Floritec santini series ELLISON can be seen on this truck.

ELLISON makes the street a bit more colorful.