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Nursery Hungerenburcht starts with santini ELLISON White

From Monday April 23th, Nursery De Hungerenburcht will supply santini ELLISON White.

Banner Hungerenburcht Ellison White

Santini ELLISON White

ELLISON is known for its very long shelf life, independently tested bij FlowerWatch.

The flower can be used in many typs of arrangements and is available in 6 colors. 

VBN code 121212

 Floritec januari 20188930 Ellison White jpg

santini ELLISON White

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Please contact Nursery De Hungerenburcht, Alexander van Delft: telephone 00(31) +73 - 5112639 or mobile number 00(31) + 6 - 2260 3171


Ellison is available in 6 colours:

  • Ellison Pink
  • Ellison Splendid
  • Ellison Orange
  • Ellison Salmon
  • Ellison Sunny
  • Ellison White

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Ellison posterfoto

Santini ELLISON mix

Floritec januari 20188914 Ellison serie jpg

Santini ELLISON mix

Floritec januari 20188934 Ellison Pink jpg

Santini ELLISON Pink

Floritec januari 20188940 Ellison Splendid jpg kopie

Santini ELLISON Splendid

Floritec januari 20188943 Ellison Salmon jpg kopie

Santini ELLISON Salmon

Floritec januari 20188951 Ellison Sunny jpg kopie

Santini ELLISON Sunny

Floritec Ellisonorange2194

Santini Ellison Orange en Santini Ellison Pink