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Inochio Seikoen and Floritec sign Letter of Intent

Inochio Seikoen and Floritec sign Letter of Intent


Recently the Japanese Chrysanthemum-breeder Inochio Seikoen and Floritec, breeder of mainly Chrysanthemum and Celosia located in Woubrugge, The Netherlands, have signed a Letter of Intent which must lead to a full takeover of Floritec by Inochio Seikoen. This takeover is seen by both parties as a strategic step for Floritec as wel as for Inochio Seikoen.

On the one hand  Inochio Seikoen will be able to speed up its worldwide commercial ambitions through Floritec’s international distribution network. On the other hand Floritec will gain wider access to the Japanese market and will be able to use the modern R&D facilities from Inochio Seikoen in Japan.   “A win-win situation for both parties and a true stimulant to continue Floritec growth proces.”, according to Floritec's ceo René le Clercq.

It is to be expected that completion of the takeover proces will take place  within a foreseeable time span.

Inochio Seikoen is one of the oldest and most leading chrysanthemum breeders and producer of basic material for Japanese Chrysanthemum growers. Inochio Agriculture Research Centre has very modern R&D facilities to diagnose various   diseases and pests and analysis of soil and water.  


Floritec is breeder and supplier of cuttings of primarily  Chrysanthemum and Celosia mainly propagates Chrysanthemum, Potmums and Pot Celosia for the Dutch and the global market. Well-known Floritec Chrysanthemums are, amongst others,  the Rossi-, Calimero- and the Da Vinci series.


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