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With heart and soul involved with the customer

Floritec, with heart and soul involved with the customer

Floritec's office in Woubrugge has a beautiful saying from Winston Churchill.

“The pessimist sees difficulties in every possibility. The optimist sees possibilities in every difficulty”.

Jeroen Ravensbergen - algemeen directeur

It illustrates how the still relatively young breeding company Floritec is in the world, as we can see when we talk to managing director Jeroen Ravensbergen.

Floritec mainly breeds crops that need to short days to flower: cut and pot chrysanthemums, pot celosias and pot asters.

The company is successful in the santinis with among others the Rossi series and the Calimero series.

The Ellison series is becoming known and the Mavericks have recently been introduced.

With pot chrysanthemums, the Da Vinci series are quite known and in pot celosia the Intenz (spicata) and Twisted (cristata) are a standard. All this in an increasingly wider color palette.



Celosia Twisted Strawberry LR“Our method is that we want to deliver customized local work. Our varieties must fit in the country where they are grown. Suitable for the prevailing climate and tolerant to the diseases and pests that occur there.

We deliver to all major markets. The Netherlands is a major buyer of santini, pot chrysanthemums and pot celosia. In Vietnam we work together with a local partner. We are also increasingly successful in countries such as Malaysia and Colombia. "

“Floritec is relatively young, twelve years old. We have now been able to create a basis on which we can breed. If you breed, you are always on the shoulders of what has been achieved before. This way your product improves and you get a good name in the market.

Our good basis gives us a lot of market potential. As a result of our own size and cooperation with partners, we now have a solid breeding team in progress. ”



Stability and impact

Floritec Colombia LR“The fact that Floritec has recently become part of a large Japanese horticultural company, Inochio Seikoen, gives us stability and strength. Our Japanese partners see in our success the challenge to help expand that. They have the size, the connections, the manpower and the knowledge, also of floriculture, to help us with this. At the same time we are small enough to be decisive and customer-oriented and to operate close to the customer.

What that customer is looking for in a supplier is  ownership. We must be fully involved in what is happening at his company. So our people must be able to fully focus on the customer without being distracted by the complexity of the internal organization. Of course, that organization must be in order, but the customer should only notice good things about it. For me personally, that setting is an attractive aspect of my job.

At Floritec, every employee has customer relationships, including the breeders. That goes beyond seeing customers sometime during flowering trials. It leads to direct collaboration in which breeders receive direct input from customers.

This customer relationship is essential. The larger the company, the greater the risk that personal relationships fade away. That is why a relatively small scale fits Floritec. In this company you are forced to be all round and occasionally stand with your feet in the clay. And that's how it should be. "




Floritec Maverick White LR“I have studied plant breeding myself. I have also actually been a breeder. Stocks are still being auctioned which I have helped to breed. That background helps me in my current position. I understand that breeders sometimes need time and space and that you don't have that new variety available on demand. Our breeders, but also our customers, may know that they are facing someone who speaks their language. Then you can judge whether someone is on the right track in a breeding process or not. And thanks to my Rijnsburg background, I got to know the growers profession, but also the commercial side of the sector, up close. ”

“In five years' time we want to have a leading position in all major and minor markets for chrysanthemum, to play at the top. And of course with sustainable varieties. For me, sustainability is a combination of economically and ecologically resistant: with minimal energy, fewer fertilizers and none or as few crop protection agents as possible.

The chrysanthemum has it all. They come in many forms, but much more is possible.

I would say: be surprised. "


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