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Calimero – Flower of the Year Award 2016 – OTA Auction Japan

Calimero Frank Benders OTA award 2016First time an import flower and a chrysanthemum gets the prize!!

We are very proud to have received this special prize because truly the Ota auction goes through an extensive process to decide who gets a prize or not!

These are the steps the OTA Auction goes through to come down to a top 5 flower that they give some award to.  

-Step 1: screen the data sales of the Ota auction to list up the flowers whose price has held or increased while volume increased as well. 

- Step 2:internal enquete with many questions asking about potential for more growth, flower quality etc 

- Step 3:external enquete with key customers/buyers of the Ota auctionAfter these 3 steps the auction comes up with a top 5.

Ota is on purpose using a process engaging lots of people internal and external to make sure it is fair.

Calimero Frank Benders OTA award 2016


Calimero Flower of the Year award 2016 flowers

Calimero Flower of the Year 2016 award

Dalat Calimero 010

Calimero beer 7


Calimero sfeer 07042016 004

Dalat Calimero 016